How to failed to start recording : arena of valor

Arena of Valor is one of the most popular mobile games in Vietnam. Players are able to record their highlight to share with friends and family who have the same interests in this game without using the third-party applications by using the feature provided in the game. “start recording”

So far, some devices have problems with this feature. I once had problems with this feature, which make me frustrated. I’d tries a lot of solution such as restart the phones, uninstall and reinstall the game, it didn’t work, however.

I was so mad that I decided to reset the phone, it didn’t work though. My phone was Oppo reno 2f. After searching for the causes and solutions on the internet, I failed to solve the problem “temporarily close feature”.

Finally, I got one thing, after update software up to Android 10.7.1, you would get the problem which usually occurs on Oppo. I asked some friends using other cellphone brands and it turned out they didn’t get the same problem.

The reason why Arena of Valor turns off this feature on Android 10, 11 is because it might make players out of the games.

As a result, I decided to download Rom 10.7 which is an older version, and it worked. It’s so frustrating and makes me confused sometimes.

You can feel free to contact me for more supports.

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Step 1: Open Arena of Valor. Click on “Settings” button

arena of valor

Step 2: At “Recording Settings”, turn on “Highlight Reel”

Step 3: To watch your recordings, click on “Watch Clips”

You can also watch your videos at “Highlight reel”

Good luck!

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