Fix: Problem with Excel documents opening as Read-Only

When opening word or excel files, the read only report makes me feel uncomfortable, usually in my opinion, there are 2 main reasons below, you check each cause to rule out. If you still can’t fix it, you can INBOX or call me directly to fix your computer online using teamviewer.

Case 1: The ability can be authorized to read only the file. In this section there are also many types of decentralization that is decentralized according to the user and group type. The most common is the user or read only of the file or directory in order to limit editing, you just need to uncheck the check mark like the image below is ok. Right click on the word or excel file that is read-only -> Properties -> Uncheck Read-only and check the file again.

documents opening as Read-Only

Case 2: Automatically fix the error with the virus-infected computer software, it will change the read-only attribute and will hide this item, so we cannot remove the check mark like the picture of Cause 2. We will use the software to restore files or all folders that have their properties changed by the virus. You download the software and instructions on how to use it in the link below.

Download automatic error correction software:

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